About Me: Emily Maruja Bass, Esq.

When I represent someone, it is my practice to engage in an in-depth analysis, exhaustive research and zealous advocacy.  Here, the only person I will be representing is myself and I will be doing so for the court of public opinion, not a court of law..  As a consequence, I am not going to demand the rigor of myself in these pages that I would in my legal practice.

So, rather than contain in-depth analyses, most of my posts will simply catalog passing thoughts and interests.  In other words, they will  represent the first drafts of an idea, rather than a finished product. If I occasionally forget myself and indulge in an extended analysis, I’m sure you will forgive me.  It probably means  that I am attempting to work a problem through rather than that I have  solved a legal puzzle definitively.

If you find my analyses interesting and an occasional post worth the read, I invite you to pass my thoughts on to others through the medium of a tweet, digg or feed!  I also invite you to let me know you have found a post worth reading since that will encourage me to continue to put “pen” to “paper.”

Now, for the necessary DISCLAIMERS:  You cannot rely on my posts, analyses or commentaries as “legal advice.”  I am not your lawyer unless you retain me.  You are not my client.  All of the views expressed in my posts represent my opinions.  No one else is responsible for them.

PHOTOS AND IMAGES:  I will occasionally attach a photo or image to one of my posts.  When I do so, I obviously believe it is in the public domain or can be used in conformity with a Creative Commons, GNU or Arts Free license.  I do not mean to imply that the author of an image has subscribed to or endorsed my views  simply because I have chosen to use their image.  They are not associated with me nor I with them.   Where I am aware that they want credit or attribution for their authorship, I will give it.  If I have inadvertently failed to do so, I would ask that the artist or author contact me at emilybassesq@gmail.com to alert me to that fact so I can rectify the situation.

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